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Cross Stitch


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Incomparable Hat, Bag and Shoe buttons


Above: A highly fashionable cross-stitch piece designed using Incomparable Hat, Bag and Shoe buttons. Inspired by a variety of accessories both classic and modern. We suggest using a 3 by 3 grid of warm colours of your choice with nine Incomparable buttons which you can then add to a handmade greeting card.

If you enjoy the art of needlework and cross-stitching and would like the opportunity to try something new and exciting, why not use our buttons to add a whole new dimension to your art? We have a wide variety of button designs which open up a world of limitless creations and ideas. Feel free to copy any of these designs for your own personal use.


The Big Ship 

Incomparable buttons have a lovely handmade look and feel which beautifully accentuate the fabrics and fibers of cross stitch artwork. Owing to their fun and colorful nature the buttons are ideal for adding a bright new element to needle art. The variety of themes and ideas is limitless. 

Little Bo Peep

Enjoy some of the many designs which have been put together using a few of our buttons. Here we feature a sample of his designs with a Nursery Rhyme Theme. Each design is  transformed into framed work of art by means a colorful carded border.

Goosey Goosey Gander  

Notice the rich crown behind this regal Cheshire which has been cleverly added using yellow and red thread. We also fancy the red flag waving above the castle.

With hundreds of designs to choose from there is a world of design possibilities - let your imagination run free. Send us a photo of one of your designs and stand a chance to be featured on ButtonMad.com 


Pussy Cat Pussy Cat 

Here are a few other cross stitch designs using Incomparable buttons as a source of embellishment. These cross stitch designs have been cleverly put together as a selection of hand crafted greeting cards. Feel free to print these out and use as a template / inspiration for your own cards.
Incomparable Duck Button - BC 33 Incomparable Pastel Flower button BC N90
"I,m Quackers about you!" Pastel flower.
Incomparable Cats - BC 14 BC 77
For a 2 year old.

"3 today"

Incomparable Clown Button BC 169 Frog Button BC 45
"5" years old!
  "Hoppy Birthday" frog.

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